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    Top NFT Projects in 2022 hold the key To Successful Investments

    Video Top NFT Projects in 2022 hold the key To Successful Investments
    Top NFT Projects in 2022

    NFTs are the next financial and economic market disruptors. They are a part of the crypto market, which is simultaneously transforming finance and art. NFT has opened up a slew of new opportunities for crypto enthusiasts to invest in art, music, and sports. Blockchain technology is utilized in NFT initiatives to establish the originality and ownership of a piece of digital art, which is subsequently sold on various platforms. These transactions are recorded on the blockchain, resulting in a digital ecosystem that cannot be changed. While Cardano, Solana, and other blockchains are gaining traction, Ethereum is quickly becoming the next big thing in the field of NFTs. The Ethereum NFT projects are diverting attention away from the ETH 2.0 upgrade dispute, which is causing investor speculation.

    Moreover, NFTs projects are becoming a threat to other businesses as they revolve around the globe as the planets do. When you breathe, there could be some NFT projects that are getting out. Many businesses are making it a point to address all challenges in order to acquire potential competitors.

    So, what factors qualify an NFT project for investment?

    An NFT project’s investmentconsists of a combination of the following factors:

    A Strong Community: In general, a strong community is beneficial to an NFT project. Holding an NFT is significantly more valuable than owning a JPG since it is your passport to access an exclusive community in a healthy community.

    Everlasting benefit: NFT initiatives that benefit their holders are significantly more valuable and likely to succeed in the long run. Consider the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which is a blockchain-based version of the existing domain naming system. If you possess an ENS domain, you can link your Ethereum wallet to a human-readable domain name.

    Social Presence: A project with Little Exposure will have a hard time attracting investors. As a result, social media presence is critical — not only in terms of the number of supporters but also in terms of their tone of voice and activity.

    Here’s a list of NFT projects worth your time and money:

    1. NBA Top Shot

    It’s a Dapper Labs-developed NFT marketplace platform that’s been officially licensed by the National Basketball Association (NBA). Each tournament highlight is turned into a digital asset, which the creators then sell for a profit. When you purchase (a pack), the digital assets are immediately transferred to your wallet, from which you can resell them on the marketplace. NBA TopShot has been named one of the most influential Ethereum NFT projects of 2021, paving the way for NFT adoption and awareness.


    The CryptoPunks project, which began in 2017, is still relevant in 2022, with punk #5822 (one of only nine alien punks) earning $23.7 million recently. However, it is said to be a collection of 10,000 NFTs that are generated by an algorithm that spans multiple categories. These punks completely transformed the NFT arena. As a supporter of NFT, I believe the value of CryptoPunks will continue to rise. Human Punks are said to be the best storyteller among the investors; however, there are many other species too.

    3. Axie Infinity

    Axie Infinity is an NFT trading platformwhere players can buy, breed, grow battle, and trade digitized creatures known as Axies. In this Ethereum-based business, players earn tokens (to monetize) every fourteen days. Before they can start, new players must buy at least three Axies. The game has nearly 2 million players from all over the world since its launch in 2018.

    4. Bored Ape Yacht Club

    Since its release in April 2021, the project’s value has increased dramatically, making it one of the fastest-appreciating collectibles in the industry. Owners of these NFTs receive a Yacht Club membership card, which includes a slew of perks like invitations to private digital concerts. The collection even outperformed CryptoPunks in terms of value, stupefying the crypto and NFT worlds.

    5. Decentraland

    Decentraland is a well-known and well-developed metaverse project in the industry. It’s also the first DAO-based, fully decentralized virtual environment. The DAO manages actions and events in the virtual world using smart contracts while allowing users to explore, experience, and create inside MANA’s ecosystem. Barbados, a Caribbean island nation, is planning to open the world’s first Metaverse embassy on Decentraland.

    6. Silks

    Silks are the first metaverse-based derivative gaming platform to bring real-world thoroughbred horse racing. If you have always wanted to own a racehorse, this innovative metaverse project is the closest you’ll get. Silks’ uniqueP2E gaming mechanics allow you to own, trade, and interact with a variety of in-game NFTs based on the thoroughbred horse racing industry, including virtual racehorses based on real-world thoroughbreds. You can also earn valuable token rewards for skilled gameplay and contributions to the Silks ecosystem. Due to its incredible vision to use mixed-reality technology and Web 3.0 gamification to bring the thrill of thoroughbred horse racing ownership to the masses, Silks is consistently regarded as one of the best NFT projects.


    Mekaverse is an advanced collection of 8,888 algorithmically generated Mekas inspired by Japanese universes (Mecha). The MekaVerse team envisions a future in which the MekaVerse is expanded and integrated into the real world through its roadmap. Collaboration with other franchises and projects will eventually result in the creation of a Meka Multiverse. Streetwear, partnerships with well-known artists, and the possibility of short films based on the characters are among the project’s future objectives.

    8. The Sandbox

    Another well-known NFT project is The Sandbox, which is best known for its blockchain-based virtual world and video game. In the Sandbox, an online metaverse-reality environment, people can create, own, and play in a virtual world. Unlike most computer-generated environments, this one is constantly being created by players/creators and developed by dedicated gamers and coding experts.

    9. Gods Unchained

    Gods Unchained is another major Ethereum NFT project that has had a lot of success in the last year. For players who want complete control over their in-game assets, the NFT game is free. Gods Unchained is a deck-building game where players buy, sell, and collect cards.


    CryptoKitties is a well-known NFT game that is based on blockchain technology. The project has grown in popularity and is currently regarded as one of the greatest Ethereum NFT projects accessible. The game involved breeding, collecting, and managing virtual cat NFTs. It’s also one of the most crucial projects you can work on.

    Determining thetop NFT projects in 2022could stand a chance to be the best in the world of NFTs. However, consider a few things that you need to look for in an NFT project, whether it’s for value or for a long stand. Everything is based on your choice. Hence, choose the right one and make a swift move.

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