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    Top 13 Blockchain Marketing Agencies to Boost Your Projects Visibility

    Blockchain marketing requires some serious specialized skills. Not only is the market very volatile, but the newness of the tech also makes it more challenging than, let’s say, advertising games.

    Now, blockchain projects work quite differently. Not only do few really understand what it entails, but the process behind it is a lot more complex. So, you’ll need to have access to a network to line up potential investors.

    For your blockchain project, you’ll need to partner with advertising agencies that focus on crypto businesses and understand blockchain technology. We’ve scoured the web and narrowed it down to the following 13 blockchain marketing agencies. From designing high-quality content to display ads to setting meetings with individual investors, they offer a decent selection of core services to help you traverse this new industry.

    13 of the Top Blockchain Marketing Agencies:

    Top 13 Blockchain Marketing Agencies

    1. Viral Nation

    Viral Nation can help you with every aspect of blockchain marketing. From content creation to onboarding strategic partners to taking advantage of influencer marketing, they will help you to reach the right audience.

    As one of the top influencer marketing agencies, they specifically excel in influencer marketing and when it comes to creating NFTs they rely heavily on partnering with influencers. In addition to leveraging influencers to create more hype, their team will also help you to develop and nurture communities on Discord, Telegram, and other social platforms.

    Key services include:

    • Artist sourcing and onboarding
    • Minting on a blockchain
    • NFT strategy and roadmap
    • Influencer marketing
    • Content creation

    2. NeoReach

    Not only is NeoReach one of the leading influencer marketing agencies, but they can help with tailored crypto and NFT marketing campaigns. Their team of experienced Web3 marketers can implement tried-and-tested strategies that are designed to resonate with your target audience. From communication to logistics, they will manage all the aspects related to your campaign. Depending on your needs, they can activate campaigns in only seven days.

    Key services include:

    • Detailed progress reporting and insights
    • NFT minting timelines
    • Secondary market amplification strategies

    3. Omni Agency

    In addition to being a full-stack digital marketing agency, Omni also describes themselves as a community management agency for blockchain projects specifically. From their offices in Toronto, Canada, they help their clients to create an authentic community for their crypto projects. From social strategy all the way to analytics, they can help you with various aspects of your blockchain marketing project.

    Key services include:

    • Social media management
    • Rich-media content creation
    • Giveaways, airdrops, and competitions
    • Social community management
    • Influencer marketing
    • Twitter ad campaign marketing
    • Shilling

    4. ICODA

    The experienced and highly qualified team at ICODA has helped to market a wide range of blockchain-related businesses. In addition to a wide range of marketing services, they also offer various blockchain services for your business.

    For example, for Locklet, they’ve used Twitter to promote their crypto platform. The digital marketing strategy that they created for them focused on partnering with crypto bloggers. The result – a 10% increase in platform traffic via Twitter and only 30 minutes were required to hold a successful private sale.

    Key services include:

    • Custom application development
    • Blockchain development
    • Blockchain consulting
    • Influencer marketing on YouTube and Twitter
    • NFT consulting and promotion
    • Public relations
    • Decentralized finance promotion

    5. Crowdcreate

    Founded in 2014, Crowdcreate is an award-winning, top-rated blockchain and crypto marketing agency. In fact, they’ve been named as “Top Crypto Marketing Firm” by trusted names such as Clutch and Forbes.

    Not only have they reached millions, but they’ve also completed more than 500 successful projects. They’ve worked with a few of the biggest crypto companies across the globe, helping them to raise investor funds, boost sales, spread the word, get users, and grow the online crypto community.

    Key services include:

    • Crypto marketing
    • NFT marketing
    • Crypto influencer marketing
    • Web3 marketing
    • NFT consulting

    6. NinjaPromo

    Founded in 2017, NinjaPromo is an award-winning marketing agency based in London that serves the fintech, B2B, and crypto industry. Whether you need help with explainer videos or want to concentrate on video ads, they specialize in professional video production. Depending on your project needs, the video creation process can be wrapped up in two weeks, possibly even one.

    With regards to their marketing and PR services for blockchain companies, they offer a wide range of services. Their professional team can help you get set up with a marketing roadmap that includes your brand positioning, messaging, and marketing strategy. Once you know in which direction you’re heading, they can help you with everything from design to social media marketing to investor relations.

    During the five years that they’ve been in business, they’ve completed hundreds of projects. For example, for IQONIQ APP, a new blockchain fan engagement platform created for entertainment and sport fanatics, they were tasked to create engaging content and boost brand awareness. The results – 14,000 new followers and a whopping 200% increase in engagement rate.

    Key services include:

    • Blockchain influencer outreach
    • Non-blockchain influencer outreach
    • Podcasts
    • Crowd marketing
    • Marketing strategy development

    7. Belkin Marketing

    Founded in 2007, Belkin Marketing is one of the oldest blockchain marketing agencies on this list. During the 15 years that they’ve been in business, they’ve worked with more than 90 clients helping them to raise $220 million. Their client list includes prominent clients like Alibaba, Benetton, and Henkel and their work has been featured by well-known media names such as Forbes and The Economic Times.

    If you’re thinking about partnering with them, there are a few things that you need to know, though. They don’t take on too many clients or projects at a time (hence, why their client list is actually rather short for a business that’s been in business for 15 years). So, if you do get to work with them, you can look forward to a more boutique-like experience. This also means that they’re not the most affordable.

    Key services include:

    • Initial exchange offering (IEO)
    • Security token offering (STO)
    • DeFi marketing
    • Content marketing
    • Community management

    8. Sparkchain

    The team at Sparkchain offers marketing services and strategic communications for the entire global blockchain industry. Since 1999, they’ve worked with hundreds of internet leaders. So, they’re no stranger to the industry. According to their website, their ideal clients are those who are driven to create the next era of the internet.

    With regards to their blockchain services specifically, they create integrated PR and marketing campaigns for mainnet launches, token generation events, and testnets. In fact, they’ve helped their clients to raise almost $500 million via token sales in the past couple of years.

    For example, they’ve helped RightMesh to close their token generating event successfully and then continued their working partnership by helping them to secure media coverage for their ongoing product development and partnerships. The results – they landed them media placements in well-known publications like Digital Trends which resulted in nearly 70 million impressions.

    Key services include:

    • Digital currencies
    • Exchanges and trading
    • Token generation events
    • Developer growth
    • Public and media relations
    • Content marketing
    • Custom website development
    • Paid media

    9. AmaZix

    AmaZix describes themselves as “blockchain believers and enthusiasts” with the shared goal of using their unique set of skills to help boost the industry. They offer innovative blockchain marketing services that address issues across all areas related to DeFi, NFT, and crypto sectors.

    With the help of their four-step strategy, they will help you to align and coordinate the activities of your firm. From ensuring you have an engaging narrative to mitigating risk, they will take care of all the key aspects of your blockchain marketing plan.

    One of their core features that deserve special mention is their PR skills. They have a list of contacts to help you reach the top 250 blockchain media sites and more than 20,000 US journalists from major newswire distribution platforms like PR Newswire and Reuters making them one of the leading blockchain PR agencies.

    Also, if you specifically need help with blockchain influencer outreach, be sure to consider them as their marketing partner. They can provide your access to 1,500 influencers with a total reach of more than 290 million followers.

    Key services include:

    • Basic and advanced market research
    • Business analysis
    • Messaging and positioning
    • Target persona development
    • Budget analysis and management
    • Product strategy
    • Blockchain public relations
    • Blockchain influencer outreach

    10. Blockchain PR Buzz

    From their offices in London, Toronto, and New Delhi, Blockchain PR Buzz has helped more than 90 clients to release the most promising ICOs. With the help of your good product and their customized solutions, they can help you to raise your target. To date, they have raised more than $500 million.

    Don’t let their name fool you as they offer more than just blockchain public relations. According to their website, they can offer you the best prices for sponsored articles and banner ads making them a great agency to partner with if you want to focus on paid ads. Plus, they have more than 1,500 websites that publish their stories in 30 different languages. So, they can really help to get your name out there and give your visibility a boost.

    Key services include:

    • Social media management
    • Roadshows
    • Email marketing
    • Website design
    • Influencer marketing
    • Exchange listing consultancy
    • Content creation

    11. Applicature

    Applicature’s story dates back to 2011 when it was first conceived as a new brand that will concentrate on innovative technologies. It was only six years later, in 2017, when it was officially launched. A year later after it was launched it expanded its presence into San Francisco and Silicon Valley, while they also focused on growing their marketing offices in Kyiv and Ivano-Frakivsk, Ukraine. So, if you want to support Ukrainian marketing tools and companies, you can check them out.

    They can help you to create image-rich content and up-to-the-minute messaging to market your offering across social media platforms and ultimately help build a community. Their team of marketing experts also partner with the mainstream media, opinion leaders, and a network of influencers in blockchain to help you share content on the most important platforms and forums. And, if you want to meet investors and industry-related startups in person, they can also help to organize events like meetups and pitch sessions.

    Key services include:

    • Blockchain consulting
    • Blockchain development
    • Roadshows
    • Website advisory services
    • Traffic campaigns
    • Community building and management

    12. Single Grain

    Single Grain is one of the leading SaaS marketing agencies and also focuses on NFT and cryptocurrencies. Their clients have praised them for their reliability and innovative solutions and include the likes of Crunchbase, Amazon and blockchain companies such as Bittrex.

    With regards to their crypto-related services, they offer a 360-degree marketing plan that includes profit-driven strategies to optimize your marketing budget. Their team of marketers also specialize in various other areas including influencer marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), search engine optimization (SEO), and video creation. They will use a combination of advanced tech, marketing best practices, and meaningful data to help create a custom marketing strategy for you.

    Key services include:

    • Bounty campaigns
    • Crypto airdrops
    • LinkedIn marketing
    • Telegram marketing
    • Press releases

    13. PToken

    If you specifically need help with fundraising, be sure to check out PToken, a global blockchain and DeFi fundraising, marketing, and consulting agency. With multiple offices in Europe, Dubai, Seoul, and Melbourne, their team of professionals and huge network of private investors and funds will help you to set up your project for success while maintaining all standards for compliance.

    Before jumping in head first and arranging in-person meetings to secure direct fundraising, the team will first determine what will be the best innovative approach to set your project apart from others. They will use multiple channels to help with publicity and reach the right target audience.

    If you simply need help with community building, support and basic social media management, you can expect to pay about $4,500 per month. For help specifically with PR, their pricing starts at $7,000 per month, while their full marketing and PR package will set you back about double that.

    Key services include:

    • Community building and support
    • Social media management via Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, and LinkedIn
    • Growth hacking instruments
    • Press release and article writing and distribution

    Wrapping Things Up

    The blockchain industry is quite different to other types of markets like eCommerce. So, it’s key that you partner with an agency that specializes in this niche. While you’ll still use more traditional forms of marketing like social media marketing, SEO, and influencer marketing, there’s a lot more emphasis on PR and building investor relationships. You’ll also focus more on less mainstream platforms like Telegram, Discord, and even Twitter. In this case, a visual-heavy post on Instagram is not the best way to capture attention.

    The good news is these blockchain marketing agencies listed above know all about it. If it’s still new to you, they will guide you through the process to make sure that you reach the right crowd and optimize your marketing spend.

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