StartKryptowährung NewsStop posting about NFTs: TommyInnit frustrated by recent NFT trend

    Stop posting about NFTs: TommyInnit frustrated by recent NFT trend

    Video Stop posting about NFTs: TommyInnit frustrated by recent NFT trend

    Streamer TommyInnit took to Twitter today to share that he finds the recent trend of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to be annoying, wishing that people would go back to posting about anything else on the internet.

    The recent trend of NFTs has picked up dramatically in the last few months, leading celebrities to join in on the fad by buying into it. NFTs are artworks that are completely unique and irrepricable, each having its own digital signature authenticating it as the original.

    The fad has drawn criticism from the internet for being distasteful at times, with one NFT attempting to use the likeness of a deceased YouTuber who took their own life. Others on the web simply make fun of those who buy into the trend by downloading the image of their NFT, showing how easy it is to replicate the image. Some call the venture „a waste of money“ or just laugh at it.

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    Tommy seems to be the next creator to denounce the ongoing trend, as he hopes we can revert time back to before the NFTs were a thing.

    The internet gives TommyInnit what he wants – cat pictures

    Thomas „TommyInnit“ Simons wished that people would go back to „posting funny cat photos like the good days,“ and that’s exactly what he got. In response to the tweet, friends and fans sent pictures of their cats to the streamer in an attempt to make his wish come true.

    YouTuber Jackcepticeye even made an appearance to joke about a mixture of the two, to which Tommy responded with a joke of his own.

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    With all of the lighthearted cat photos being shared by his community, it seems like the NFT crowd that would usually come to tweets like this to defend the trend are uncharacteristically absent. Most of the time when a creator or celebrity denounces the idea of NFTs, a large crowd of strongly opinionated NFT investors comes in to argue their point, usually creating a discourse in the reply section.

    It seems TommyInnit fans share his distaste for the digital art trend and would also like to go back to a simpler time before the rise of NFTs. Will this calm comment section stay this way, or will the non-fungible fanatics make their way into the discussion in an attempt to persuade Tommy to join their ranks?

    Most likely, this tweet won’t even be seen by digital art connoisseurs, and will be left as a wholesome thread of cat pictures.

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