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    NFTs Get Gamified: Cool Cats Launches Cool Pets, One of the First Crowdsourced NFTs

    Video NFTs Get Gamified: Cool Cats Launches Cool Pets, One of the First Crowdsourced NFTs

    TAMPA, Fla.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Cool Cats, producers of the widely known Cool Cats NFT collection, today launched a collection of new NFTs known as Cool Pets. Companions to Cool Cats, Cool Pets are fun little creatures that arrive in egg form, then progress through stages, hatching and growing into one-of-a-kind heroes. Cool Pets are among the industry’s first gamified NFTs to have their formation influenced by actions their owner takes throughout their developmental stages. There are more than 178 million unique combinations possible across a limited number of Cool Pets.

    In addition to the release of Cool Pets, Cool Cats debuted Cooltopia, an entirely new type of game where users send their Cool Pets on quests to earn items essential for their evolution. Based on the combination of items their owners feed them, each Cool Pet ultimately inherits a specific element: Grass, Fire, Water or Air, with more elements introduced over time. There are more than 100 possible quests, including favorites such as Save the Forest, Go Greet the Frogs, Sniff for Danger and Get to Know the Townsfolk, with additional quests to come.

    Within Cooltopia, users will find the Cool Shop, an in-game marketplace where they can purchase items directly for their Cool Cats, as well as a marketplace where they can buy, sell or trade supplies with other Cool Pet owners. Both the Cool Shop and the marketplace make it simple for Cool Pet owners to manage their inventory of crypto assets and further engage with the Cool Cats community. Unlike traditional gaming, Cool Cats users own their in-game assets, which they can sell or trade, earning a variety of benefits through a hobby they love.

    “Cool Pet owners are purchasing a one-of-a-kind work of art that’s also their way into a genuinely entertaining game, where they’re directing each interaction of a novel and differentiated NFT experience,” said Chris Hassett, CEO of Cool Cats. “Our platform and marketplace support the highly engaged Cool Pet owner who wants to quickly reveal their Cool Pet’s final form, as well as the casual owner who takes a more measured approach to forming their Cool Pet. Either way, it’s just plain fun. And it’s breaking new ground within the NFT community. We’ve created an entire interactive world for those who want to participate in shaping how their final-form NFT rarity turns out.”

    The Expanding World of Cooltopia

    Cool Pets are the next step forward in the development of the massive Cooltopia NFT gaming ecosystem. The ecosystem began with the release of Cool Cats in July 2021. Cool Cats are a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The first generation consists of 9,999 Cool Cats assembled from over 300,000 total options. Each Cool Cat consists of a unique body, hat, face and outfit. Cool Cats has quickly become one of the most popular NFT projects to date, with a total market value in excess of $250M.

    As companions to Cool Cats, Cool Pets are actually interactive, growing and developing by completing quests as part of a larger in-game narrative, and earning $MILK along the way. $MILK can be used to buy randomly generated mystery Pet Boxes containing items that can be applied to influence the Cool Pet’s final form, or traded in the marketplace. This allows Cool Pet owners to get the items they want or need in order to determine their Cool Pet’s direction at a faster rate.

    While owners can influence the NFT’s final elemental form, they can’t determine the Cool Pet’s specific traits within its type, in order to preserve its uniqueness. For example, two Cool Pets can be fed the exact same diet from egg stage to final form; notably, while they will both ultimately come out as the same element, they will have different and completely unique attributes.

    Starting today, Cool Pets can be obtained in multiple ways: Cool Cat holders can claim one Cool Pet for free (+ gas fees), while Allowlist holders were able to claim 1 Cool Pet for 0.5 ETH during the minting event. Cool Pets can be purchased for 0.5 ETH during public minting or subsequently on the secondary market provided at OpenSea after mint.

    There will be 19,999 total Cool Pets: 9,999 for Cool Cat holders and 10,000 during the mint event. Looking forward, throughout 2022, Cool Cats will continue to invest heavily in innovation and will introduce its fracture system, an in-game system that will make it possible to expand and introduce even more lore and story into Cooltopia. The fracture system will also introduce additional element types to the world of Cool Pets. These will increase the ability to grow the Cool Cats audience and add even more value to the original Cool Cat and Cool Pet holders.

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    About Cool Cats

    Founded in 2021 by artists and blockchain enthusiasts, Cool Cats introduced a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Since that time, Cool Cats has emerged as a leader and one of the most trusted creators in the overall NFT community. To further its leadership position, Cool Cats will be introducing powerful new NFT and gaming experiences, such as Cool Pets and others, throughout 2022 and beyond. Find out more at

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