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    NFT Berlin 2022 —May 25-26th | Unbound Recap | Medium

    Video NFT Berlin 2022 —May 25-26th | Unbound Recap | Medium
    NFT Berlin event banner

    We spent the last few days recovering from the amazing experience we had at NFT Berlin, on May 25-26th. Over two days, more than 700 NFT enthusiasts flocked the corridors and halls of the German capital’s former mint building. We could feel a great creative vibe overall, from the people to the actual venue and atmosphere. A pure reflection of Berlin.

    The crowd attending was very diverse. Gamers, collectors, artists, traders, web3 full-timers, and techies from all walks of life, all connected by a single topic: NFTs. It also felt like there was no particular segment of the NFT industry that was over-represented, it seemed there was a fair distribution of talks across the board.

    We were happy to see lots of web3 gaming studios who had the opportunity to present their project. Also, our core contributor Philipp Huebner had the opportunity to walk on the main stage and talk about the future of web3 gaming in front of 150+ attendees. We were overwhelmed by the engagement and interest our presentation stirred up among the crowd!

    @ph_ue (Philipp) on stage at NFT Berlin 2022

    Unbound talk in bullets

    • Play2Earn was completely overhyped. According to last year’s marketing narrative, everyone was to expect amazing profits by playing any x2earn.
    • As H1 2022 taught us, however, the reality is much different: major tokens and investments flattening, disillusioned players and investors, influencers shouting “P2E is dead”.
    • Several factors are behind the failure of P2E as a web3 gaming model: greed, FOMO, unrealistic expectations, poor game, and tokenomics design.
    • Major short- and long-term changes are needed to reach the promised land of web3 gaming: fun-first, communities, interoperability, decentralization, ownership, and others.
    Unbound Nation NFT Berlin 2022 deck

    We met the audience’s consensus around the fact that P2E games won’t survive in their current form and that they will need to evolve. P2E games that only target Earners (i.e. players who are there to extract value from a game) will not likely make it and probably won’t get extensive funding. However, we believe that there will be always a place for players that are willing to put in hours and hours to level up and later sell an avatar in a diversified gamer community in a fun-first game where people are willing to spend money.

    Partners’ initiatives at NFT Berlin

    • Our lead investor Greenfield One organized NFT Berlin’s opening event and official party at KitKat Club (one of Berlin’s most infamous clubs). Perfect settings to network with Berlin vibes!
    • Oliver Löffler, one of our investors from BLN capital, shared the super exciting web3 gaming project he is working on: Angry Dynomite.
    • Our friends and partners at Blackpool organized an auction on the 2nd day, giving non-profit projects a chance to pitch to the crowd and to raise funds for their initiatives! We managed to outbid everyone else on two NFTs and thereby support Assameh, dedicated to the care of premature babies and newborns in need of medical support, and Save the Children :)Link to stream:

    To conclude, we were thrilled by the experience NFT Berlin organizers were able to build for its attendees, and humbled to talk at one of the best NFT-focused events we have had the pleasure to attend in 2022! A big thank you to the organizing team, we look forward to more editions of this event in the future!

    Next up, NFT NYC!

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