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    More on sync – part 2

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    This is somewhat a continuation of the first post about sync in general that you can get here:

    As the chain is getting bigger and bigger – currently the height is 293742 and if you are new or out of sync for a while it can take quite some time to get back to sync.

    Full node sync / Wallet sync

    Yes, so you need to worry about two types of synchronization, if you have been having trouble getting your full node back to sync than Wallet syncing will drive you crazy :). The good thing is Wallet sync does not impact you winning and Full node sync does not impact you to plot.

    • Wallet sync – required to see the amount XCH you have and to be able to transfer and receive XCH.
    • Full node sync- required for you to be able to participate in the lottery and be able to win if you are farming.

    Wallet sync takes a lot of time, it actually lot longer than getting your full node synced.

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    Do I really need UPnP and/or open port 8444?

    Yes and no. Chia is a distributed system so instead of the chia network owning/running/maintaining and keep growing the number of servers they have they use the full nodes on the network – like us minions to help distribute the load. If you open this port than you are helping chia but if you don’t open this port you can still be in sync. To help the network I highly recommend to accept some connection, so please open port 8444.

    Why sync is an issue? Why you need to worry about it?

    I don’t know for sure but upon looking at the logs the problem is that chia tries to connect to and nothing else. If this server has too many connection then yours will be rejected and you need to keep retrying until you succeed. I think the way it’s done once your node is “introduced” and you have other established connections then will drop you.

    How can I get back in sync the faster?

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    You need the chia CLI:

    • On Windows:


    • On Linux:

    cd /$where/$you/$have/$cloned/$chia/. ./activate./chia

    Then run:

    chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a;chia show -a

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    To verify your connection status:

    chia show -c

    Updates – 20.05.2021

    One thing that happened with me is that I had multiple wallets. Given each wallets has it’s on SQLlite DB that requires to be synced I was thinking to get rid of one of them. Once I deleted the wallet I no longer need (wallet I used to plot but then moved the plots to Hpool) things got more stable. Running the latest version (1.1.5) and slowly but gradually it is syncing. Good thing is I saw the chia team is active and working on a fix but until you can try this:


    Enjoy ;).

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