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    How to Choose the Best Crypto Launchpad?

    Top Crypto Launchpad Projects in 2022

    Now that you understand how an IDO crypto launchpad project works and how to choose the best one, both from the investor’s and the entrepreneur’s perspective, it’s time to get to know some of the top crypto launchpad projects available out there. Take a look!


    BullStarter is a decentralized multi-chain crypto launchpad powered by BullPerks and built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Blockchain that connects blockchain projects with a global community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

    With its own token launch platform, BullStarter helps startups gain easier access to potential investors and provides tools to help businesses manage liquidity following the launch of their IDOs, becoming a blockchain innovation hub. BullStarter uses an adaptive tier system to provide early-stage bargains to its community.

    An investor must stack from 500 to 200,000 BLP tokens to participate in an IGO on BullStarter. In the highest tier, the investor will receive a 50% allocation from the first, second, and third deals and a 25% allocation from the fourth deal. Notably, projects launched on this decentralized launchpad have already seen notable gains.


    Polkastarter is a decentralized crypto trading platform based on the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem to simplify blockchain interoperability. It is also a decentralized launchpad and token sale platform built on blockchain technology.

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    Thanks to this interoperability feature, any decentralized organization can obtain cash through its DEX. Any token can be listed on the DEX and used to raise funds via a sealed-bid sale or a Dutch auction process.

    This platform, which also has its own token launch platform, offers fast transaction speed (up to 160,000 transactions per second), governance (every user holding the POLS token can vote in the ecosystem), and data sharing (the platform makes data exchange easier between multiple blockchain protocols).

    Red Kite

    Red Kite is a curated token launch platform and IDO launchpad forging solid relationships with influencers and marketing partners. Projects launched on the platform usually enjoy a fair amount of promotion.

    The Red Kite platform supports many blockchains, including Ethereum, BSC, and Polkadot pools. To participate in IDO, token holders must first deposit their PFK tokens into the pool, after which the system decides their tier based on the number of PFK tokens assigned to each IDO.

    The higher the tier, the better the holder’s chances of receiving early access to the best cryptocurrency-based initiatives.

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    Red Kite launchpad requirements: to participate in IDO on Red Kite, users should should own a certain number of PKF tokens, based on their tier. Then, they need to put their tokens into the share pool in order to be eligible to participate in IDO.


    BSCPad launchpad is a decentralized incubator and crypto launchpad project based on Binance Smart Chain. It has an efficient user interference and fair token distribution method, allowing cryptocurrency projects to issue tokens and raise liquidity.

    BSPad launchpad has two allocation rounds: the first is for BSCPAD token holders, with tiers ranging from Bronze (1000 tokens) to Blue Diamond (10,000 tokens) (75,000). Round 2 is for non-BSCPAD token holders, allocating participation based on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Various token holders benefit from BSC Pad since it allows for fair launches, allowing investors of all sizes and backgrounds to fund the most potential Binance Smart Chain projects.

    BSCPad launchpad requirements: users need to choose a tier, complete the KYC process, and stake their BSCPAD tokens at least 3 hours before the IDO.

    DAO Maker

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    DAO Maker is a crypto launchpad project based in Ethereum that uses IDO offerings to democratize access to potential startups.

    This platform uses the power of Social Mining and omnipresent visibility to assist projects in developing a community.

    Then, using the project’s token, it converts that community into value-adding and value-assessing members of a DAO.

    The strong holder offering, a new token sale type, was recently deployed (SHO). A user must have at least 500 DAO tokens in their wallet to get an SHO on DAO Maker.

    DAO Maker launchpad requirements: users need to register on the DAO Maker website, connect a cryptocurrency wallet, buy some DAO tokens and stake them.

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