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    Get Ready to Party-to-Earn With The Meta Stars NFT Collection

    Created by humans to control the metaverse, the Meta Stars NFTs are among the most innovative projects of the year. From outer-worldly colors to Metaverse utility, these 8,888 entities are ready to take over the market!

    From conquering parcels within The Sandbox to their outstandingly-detailed traits, it’s time to discover the power of these digital assets.

    image of the Meta Stars NFT collection
    Meta Stars is an NFT collection of 8,888 3D digital assets living on the Ethereum blockchain, all ready to take over the market!

    What is the Meta Stars NFT collection?

    Technically, Meta Stars is a collection of 8,888 avatar-style 3D NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. These outer-worldly digital assets feature more than 150 traits, resulting in unique digital artworks.

    The pre-sale of the collectibles will take place on January 23rd at 8 pm EST. The public sale will happen exactly 24 hours later, on January 24th. The minting price of an NFT will be 0,1 ETH for the pre-sale and 0,25 ETH during the public sale – and it’s all worth it.

    The Meta Stars NFTs represent powerful entities that can upgrade and control the metaverse. In fact, the human race is looking up to them, owing to their digital engineering skills. The current goal of The Meta Stars is to create “the biggest entertainment ecosystem of the Metaverse,” as their official website states.

    This noble mission consists of NFT rewards, a valuable native token, and building an incredible virtual complex within The Sandbox. All of these amazing experiences start with an innovation: the party-to-earn concept.

    image of multiple Meta Stars NFTs
    Featuring +150 unique highly-detailed traits, each digital asset is a valuable work of art.

    The party-to-earn concept explained

    In a virtual world crowded with play-to-earn possibilities, The Meta Stars NFTs deliver new possibilities to earn prizes, tokens, and experiences. In essence, NFT holders will be rewarded for enjoying virtual parties and exclusive events in the metaverse.

    As part of this concept, The Meta Stars will build a one-of-a-kind entertainment complex in The Sandbox. The futuristic nightclub, called Meta Arena, will host outstanding events and concerts featuring the top DJs and musical artists to date.

    What’s more, all NFT holders will gain access to the most popular festivals, concerts, and private events worldwide too. In the future, this process will be based on the Meta World Token, $MWT – the native currency of the ecosystem.

    What about the NFT rewards?

    Surprisingly, 20 of the ultra-rare Meta Stars NFTs will receive monthly cash rewards! The lucky holders of these digital assets will receive the following sums:

    • $500 (for the holders of 11 of the NFTs);
    • $1,000 (for or the holders of 5 of the NFTs);
    • $2,000 (or the holders of 2 of the NFTs);
    • $5,000 (for 1 lucky NFT holder);
    • $10,000 (for the luckiest NFT holder of them all).

    Of course, the more Meta Stars NFTs you mint, the higher the chance to earn one of these outstanding rewards.

    Get Ready to Party-to-Earn With The Meta Stars NFT Collection
    Thanks to its innovative party-to-earn concept, the project aims to reward its community members for attending exclusive events

    A community-driven project

    Although the Meta Stars NFTs aim to reign over the metaverse, they deeply care about their human community. As a result, all NFT holders will get the right to vote for the project’s future plans.

    In addition, project admins will allocate up to $100,000 to the Meta Stars Fund. This sum will be offered to two talented NFT holders in order to finance their own musical, artistic, or tech projects.

    At last, community members will gain access to upcoming merch. From caps to sweatshirts and unique artwork, holders will be able to enjoy The Meta Stars project in real life too!

    Image of a Meta Stars NFT
    The project roadmap includes creating an outstanding metaverse with nightclubs, as well as developing a native currency.

    Meet the Meta Stars NFT team

    Of course, the Meta Stars NFT project wouldn’t have been possible without an amazing team. The 9 admins are specialized in graphic design, digital marketing, scriptwriting, community management, and more.

    As for the hundreds of amazing traits and color schemes, 3D artist Alex Rybin is responsible. Inspired by music and the current tech progress, Alex has developed a new generation of highly-detailed digital assets. The resulting collection is not only valuable but also a real work of art.

    If you’re ready to join the revolutionary Meta Stars, make sure to mint your own NFT via the official website. Remember: the pre-sale starts on January 23rd, at 8 pm EST, and the public sale begins one day later (January 24th at 8 pm EST).

    Meanwhile, you can follow the project via their Twitter and Instagram accounts for more NFT reveals and project updates. Their Discord community already has over 80,000 members, so make sure to join it too!

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