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    The project itself and its developments have not been asleep in recent years either – a variety of new products have been introduced that advance the cryptosphere, one of the best-received ones being none other Earn.

    In this short piece, we are diving deep into Earn and the CRO staking mechanisms surrounding it, along with potentially better alternatives available on the market – join us in our quest to explore the platform and discuss reward structures, experience, and the inner workings of similar ones! Earn – What is it and how does it work?

    People have referred to Earn as a „savings account but for crypto“, a simple staking platform, a place to park tokens to earn interest, and in their own sense, each of these definitions is correct. Earn differs from more traditional staking platforms in the sense that rewards vary and are calculated based on factors like the token lock-up period and the amount of CRO staking tokens a user has staked already.

    One can find out the interest rate they would receive by simply using’s own earnings calculator, see it below. Earn staking calculator

    Select a token you are interested in staking, choose an amount in USD and the lock-up period, then the „CRO STAKE“ in USD as well, and you should see the potential earnings from the platform. In addition, what most people often overlook is that the amount you are able to stake also depends on which Visa card you own, if you own any.

    The Midnight Blue Visa card entitles you to the least amount to be staked, while the Obsidian card of the highest tier allows you to put as much as $400,000 to work.

    The earnings largely depend on the lock-up period you choose to go with – the longer less flexible term you pick, the higher your returns shall be. Understandably, on the same note, the more is being staked, the higher the interest rate is to be expected.

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    Feel free to play around with the Earn calculator to see your limits and opportunities to be taken advantage of – once the numbers appear on the screen, your specific situation becomes a lot more clear.

    If you have decided to go with none other than’s staking platform after getting to know the reward structures that come with the tokens you like, all there is left to do is login into your account, head to Earn, set your staking parameters mentioned above, and start staking!

    However, it is not always wise to dive into the first interest-producing platform one comes across.

    The Downsides of Earn

    There is a wide variety of platforms offering similar features, outliers allowing more explorational enthusiasts to see their accounts accelerate faster or in a more efficient fashion. might offer relatively low transaction fees on deposits, a palette of different tokens to work with, crypto credit cards of varying tiers, and high-interest rates, but it also does lack a series of factors the average participant values.

    • New users tend to get discouraged from fully immersing themselves in Earn as the user experience and the navigation are not always at their best.
    • Moreover, the staking platform’s lock-ups can be very strict when trying to optimise for the highest possible earnings rates.
    • When we take into account the relatively weak customer support compared to other platforms, and the non-compounding daily interest, one might just turn to the alternatives. seemingly does a lot – credit card offerings, lending & borrowing, exchange of currency, staking – and when the focus isn’t on making fewer things but well, the average enthusiast’s experience might crumble.

    What other solutions exist?

    Speaking of alternatives,AQRU is a smaller yet better-focused DeFi platform offering very similar interest rates to those of Earn.

    What’s more is that AQRU has seamless fiat & crypto transfers, and unlike the all-in-one advertising magnate, no lock-up periods whatsoever, which allows the user to withdraw their funds anytime, either in crypto or fiat.

    The AQRU platform, offering as high as 3% returns on certain tokens, is very clear about how it achieves this – by conducting rigorous risk management of users‘ funds, ensuring 100% collateral all of the time and, most importantly, safety of the funds.

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    Plus, anyone can test AQRU out without any risks involved as the platform offers $10 to every newcomer just to play around. No token purchase fees either!

    However, let’s dig deeper into Earn without making any final assumptions just yet – we might find some great outliers after all.

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    A Closer Look at Earn

    Essentially, aims to be the all-in-one platform with hundreds of tokens to choose from, staking, lending/borrowing mechanisms, and even the recent NFT section.

    Fees, although low as mentioned before, start varying when considering different ways of purchasing tokens.

    With a series of products to offer, obviously cannot be largely focused on making them all seamless at once. Therefore, even Earn can be seen as quite weak compared to alternative staking solutions.

    Although on the CRO staking platform, one can choose from dozens of tokens to lock up and stake, most users are completely fine with staking only the well-known token options.

    User focus & Ease of use

    AQRU’s lack of token lock-up terms and the availability of instant deposits & withdrawals make it a very flexible platform for a participant of any level of knowledge about staking mechanisms and crypto interest rates.

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    On’s staking site, although lock-ups can be avoided with the Supercharger feature, reward levels fall significantly. Being a smaller platform, AQRU is high in efficiency, while’s users on Reddit have reported products like CRO Stake to be quite slow.

    Unlike AQRU, the Earn staking platform has high fees specifically for transferring crypto to another app or wallet that’s not associated with, and it’s very clear that this is because of concerns about users migrating elsewhere.


    After a significant stream of details on Earn, we can conclude this piece by stating that like many, it is a rewarding full-blown staking platform that also happens to have downsides such as strict lock-up periods, difficult user experience, and access because of its Visa card tier structure.

    We see alternative platforms like AQRU as being more user-focused, simpler to access because of its interface’s seamlessness, and offering rewards nearly as high as its giant competitors‘.

    On a final note, it is safe to say that no matter the hype around large staking solutions like Earn, underdog projects can accelerate and become more efficient by doing less in a more concentrated way, entitling users to more flexibility and simple access to high rewards. Earn might be bigger, advertised everywhere, and filled with different products to offer, but projects like AQRU can show even the largest platforms how wrong it is to constrain users with fund lock-ins, advanced interfaces difficult to navigate, and customer support that’s oftentimes hardly reachable. to check out what the platform can do for you!

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