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    Create your Crypto Zombie NFTs with free NFT Templates – Appy Pie

    Create your own Crypto Zombie NFT Collection with our Appy Pie Design

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are ERC721 tokens, which have the same interface as an ERC20 token (the most common type of cryptocurrency token), but the interface allows for greater functionality, such as the ability to track multiple tokens and values associated with each token.

    One such NFT is Crypto Zombie which is a series of NFTs that depict a zombie that has been struck by lightning. This is the first of many Cryptos we will be releasing. All Crypto Zombie NFTs are non-fungible tokens, meaning every single Crypto Zombie is unique and can be collected and traded in the Crypto Zombie Avatar Platform.

    A single Crypto Zombie NFT has a collection of 1000 holds different traits such as Top Hat, Hair, Face, Mouth, Eyes, Teeth, Hand, Dress, Shoes, etc. Each set is made up of two or more assets, each one has a unique appearance and characteristics. There are multiple sets available to collect. Each set contains:

    • A unique look for your character (the same as the other members of that set)
    • A source code for your character
    • A rare item with a unique look for the collection
    • Different items in each set have different abilities, which means that it will be possible to trade them on the marketplace

    Features of Appy Pie’s Crypto Zombie NFTs collection

    Appy Pie’s Crypto Zombie collection is a collection of collectible digital assets (NFTs) that you can own. NFTs are blockchain-based digital assets that are stored in an Ethereum smart contract. These NFTs are used to represent virtual video game items and other virtual goods. The crypto zombie NFTs in Appy Pie’s crypto zombie collection can be used to represent your avatar in the upcoming Crypto Zombie game. In the game, players will be able to transform into the variety of zombies present in the game and fight against other players.

    Ownership of each NFT will be stored in a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The ownership of the Crypto Zombie NFTs will be done through the use of ERC721 tokens (also called Non-fungible Tokens, or NFTs). Each NFT represents a virtual video game item or asset. By owning these tokens, you can own one or more virtual game items that you can use within the Crypto Zombie game. Using Appy Pie’s Crypto Zombie NFT collection has several benefits including

    • Transparency: The entire ownership history of each Crypto Zombie NFT will be stored on the blockchain which makes it transparent for everyone to view. This makes it very difficult for any malicious parties to manipulate any data related to any particular token.
    • Ownership: You can prove ownership over your Crypto Zombie NFT by storing it in a wallet that supports ERC721 tokens and then assuring that only you have access to this wallet. You can also transfer ownership of your NFT by sending that token to another address where another player or another party holds it.
    • Security: The fact that all information related to your Crypto Zombie NFT is stored on the blockchain makes it impossible for anyone to steal your tokens or manipulate any data related to them. All transactions must be conducted on a peer-to-peer basis and all transactions will be recorded on the blockchain, which makes it very secure.
    • Transferability: You can transfer ownership and/or sell your Crypto Zombie NFT on any ERC721 token-friendly marketplaces such as OpenSea, RareBits, and OPSkins Marketplace. Once you sell your token, you can then transfer the money earned from this transaction into your bank account by providing them with KYC documents and other necessary documents depending upon their requirements.

    How to create a Crypto Zombie NFT in 3 easy steps?

    1. Choose a Design template Choose from the collection of Crypto Zombie NFT templates
    2. Customize your NFT You can customize your selected NFT template and make NFT art with our simple and intuitive interface.
    3. Export and sell your NFT After customizing your NFT, you are ready to export and sell it online to the buyer of your choice.

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