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    Using technology for remote patient monitoring is another healthcare tech whose use has been growing against the background of the pandemic, enabling doctors to keep track of how patients are doing without having to bring them into hospital.

    “We see IoT as playing a really important role in healthcare across settings,” McGuinness says.

    “One of the things we’re working heavily on is, how do those IoT connectors help the care team really ingest all the monitoring data that exists in a hospital, whether it’s in the ward or in the ICU? A lot of our partners are working on AI-enabled algorithms that help catch signs of distress earlier in the acute care setting, whether it’s sepsis or other types of common challenges.”

    To that end, Microsoft released the Azure IoT Connector for FHIR in preview last year, to underpin the use of medical IoT devices with Cloud for Healthcare.

    Typically these devices monitor patients with long-term health conditions and pass the information onto the individual’s healthcare team to review, to get a picture of how their condition is being managed outside of hospitals and GPs’ offices.

    Gregg Pessin, senior research director at analyst Gartner, believes the rise in consumer and medical-grade monitoring devices could ultimately prove useful to the healthcare community.

    “You’ve got a lot of companies that are producing a lot of devices and hospitals want that data – think about an Apple Watch and its competitors, blood pressure cuffs, weigh scales, pulse oximeters and glucometers for diabetic patients. That data needs to be accessible to the GPs of the world, and it’s difficult for them to get access to that. I think that Microsoft is attempting to figure out a way to make that easier.

    Transaction node)quorum_version2.7.0Version of Quorumtessera_version0.10.5Tessera versionjava_versionjava-11-openjdk-amd64Java version Tessera usesCurrentBlockNumberCurrent block number for the blockchain network

    Migrated Data Folder structure

    At the top level, there are folders that correspond to each of the nodes of the members.

    • Standard SKU – Two validator nodes (validator-node-0 and validator-node-1)
    • Basic SKU – One validator node (validator-node-0)
    • Transaction Node – Default transaction node named transaction-node.

    Other transaction node folders are named after the transaction node name.

    Node level folder structure

    Each node level folder contains a zip file that is encrypted using the encryption key.

    But that’s ok, as all you have to do is ‘re-enable’ that protocol (even though it’s not disabled at the time), and we’ll consider that an opt out request for it.

    If I’ve set up Authentication Policies, or Conditional Access to block legacy auth, how will I know it’s safe to remove these and not re-open myself to the risks posed by Basic Auth?

    Keep watching the Message Center in your tenant; we’ll send Message Center posts in advance of us making a change to your Basic Auth configuration, and again once we’ve made the change.

    What about Office 365 operated by 21Vianet? Is that subject to this change too? Yes it is, but the timeline is slightly different. We will turn off basic auth for all covered protocols on March 31st 2023.

    Button Shape rotation and Text rotation

    Toggle total columns in waterfall charts

    We’ve heard your feedback, and you can now turn off total columns in your waterfall charts! You will find this new toggle in the Y axis card in the formatting pane. Turn it on, and the totals of your waterfall charts will be removed. Note that if you have a breakdown field, your visual will have subtotal columns but not a total column, so you will not see this option in the formatting pane. Please continue sending us your feedback and ideas!

    Line chart series labels

    This month, we’ve included a new option to create and format series labels in your line charts.

    And third, it’s a large and diverse technology environment, with plenty of room for consolidation, orchestration, and digital transformation.

    For both healthcare providers and their IT suppliers, COVID-19 could also prove a transition point. Gartner’s Pessin believes the pandemic is driving a significant change in how healthcare organisations approach technology spending.

    “There’s been a very slow ramp of the usage of technology in healthcare over the last few decades. We have all sensed in the industry the tipping point was coming in terms of what we would call the digitalization of healthcare. But momentum has been building, and then the pandemic occurred.

    You can choose to use the same Quorum version or follow the below steps to use latest version of ConsenSys Quorum.

    Upgrade Quorum version 2.6.0 or 2.7.0 to ConsenSys 21.1.0

    Upgrading from Quorum version 2.6 or 2.7 version is straightforward. Download and update using the following links.

    1. Download ConsenSys Quorum and related binaries v21.1.0.
    2. Download the latest version of Tessera tessera-app-21.1.0-app.jar.

    Upgrade Quorum version 2.5.0 to ConsenSys 21.1.0

    1. Download ConsenSys Quorum and related binaries v21.1.0.

    2. Download the latest version of Tessera tessera-app-21.1.0-app.jar. For versions 2.5.0, there are some minor genesis file changes.

    In this case, we aren’t able to send targeted communications, so we provide public updates.

    When does Azure publish RCAs to the Status History page?

    While the Azure status page always shows the latest health information, you can view older events using the Azure status history page. The history page contains all RCAs (Root Cause Analyses) for incidents that occurred on November 20, 2019 or later and will – from that date forward – provide a 5-year RCA history. RCAs prior to November 20, 2019 aren’t available.

    After June 1st 2022, the Azure status history page will only be used to provide RCAs for scenario 1 above. We’re committed to publishing RCAs publicly for service issues that had the broadest impact, such as those with both a multi-service and multi-region impact.

    Upgrade from Azure AD Sync or Azure AD Connect There are several different Password synchronization Azure AD Connect sync: Implement password It involves a simple service in the form of an agent running on one or several on-premises domain-joined servers, which validates a user’s sign-on on behalf of Azure AD directly with the on-premises Active. Azure Group Members Sync to SharePoint List. 03-24-2021 03:03 AM. I need to sync an Azure groups members with a SharePoint List, it must have logic to not create an item in the SharePoint list if the member already exists in the list.

    It should also be able delete a list item from the list if a user has been removed from the Azure group. This is a significant benefit that simplifies the submission process. “Compare” feature to see changes from previously submitted version before publishing your offer, enhanced informative messages to provide with more details on the visual submission status, enhanced review and publish page to provide more details about offer setup.

    Where can I get more information? Learn more about the Partner Center experience for commercial marketplace. If you have questions or need help with publishing and managing your offers, submit a support ticket and we’ll respond by phone or email.


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    PAFnow Process Mining Visual is a powerful tool for the analysis of your business processes based on event data.

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