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    associated press nft jan.clark

    You’ve still got your Bud Lites, your Pabst Blue Ribbons, your Topo Chico. You’ve got your pineapple-limes, your honeydew and your apple-pear. You’ve got your tequila-based grapefruit, your ultra organic and your watermelon chili. Can we take day drinking old school, please?

    Billionaires in space

    The billionaires in space boys club got plenty of attention in 2021 as the rest of us navigated our topsy-turvy lives here on Earth. There’s lots to chew on as to the many millions spent to make that happen, in a suborbital, edge of space, floating in microgravity for a few minutes at most kind of way. And there’s the off-color jokes, of course. The ones about size and whether it matters. And there’s the great pondering over Elon Musk and why he isn’t a card carrying club member despite his founding of Space X.

    I was trying to figure out why he wasn’t getting any points on the board for me when I saw the sideline meltdown clip on Twitter. I thought it was such a unique moment in history and me being the tech guy that I am, I immediately knew I had to do whatever it took to get the rights to turn this iconic moment into an NFT.”

    Non-fungible tokens are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other.

    The video clip captured by the fan shows Brown storming off the field shirtless to end his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their game against the New York Jets.

    The clip shows Brown heaving his uniform into the crowd and was seen by an estimated 11.6 million people on Twitter.

    The associated press nft jan.clark the verge

    Purchasing an AP NFT specifically does not transfer copyright: the FAQs state that copyright “always remains with the photojournalist and the AP.”

    The current NFT is not the only in the AP’s collection to fall under scrutiny. Twitter user @arlenparsa quote-tweeted the AP’s announcement of its forthcoming NFT marketplace, jokingly predicting that there would be “a photo of a wildfire that burned down a family’s home.”

    A month after the prediction, the AP announced two photographs of the Marsh Fire would be released on its marketplace. The 2016 Marsh Fire in Tuolumne County, California resulted in the evacuation, but not destruction, of approximately 30 homes.

    The family and its business managers say the aim is to create a younger community of Picasso fans.

    “Everything is evolving,” said Florian Picasso, insisting that the NFT honors the great artist.

    “I think it fits within Picasso’s legacies because we are paying tribute to him and his way of working, which was always being creative,” he said.

    How quaint seem those days of yore when Picasso, as the legend has it, would simply doodle on a napkin as payment for a restaurant meal — his handiwork supposedly carrying a value far in excess of the cost of the food and drinks he had enjoyed.

    Some of the proceeds will be donated — one portion to a charity that aims to help overcome a shortage of nurses, and another to a nongovernmental organization that wants to help reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

    The Jan. 10 attack isn’t the first time scammers have compromised CityDAO’s security.

    In a Jan. 16 tweet, CityDAO acknowledged the theft of a citizen’s wallet and the theft of their ethereum blockchain sometime in 2021. However, the citizen’s most valuable asset – a Citizen NFT – was not stolen in the theft.

    This week, CityDAO is returning to “business as usual.” The latest tweets continue to promote the ethereum city and Wyoming as “Crypto’s Wild West.”

    Today, @theinformation published a series of articles on CityDAO, Wyoming, and the future of on chain real estate.

    Wyoming DAOs:

    Wyoming’s blockchain laws:

    Wyoming starter kit with recs from @scottfits

    — CityDAO (@CityDAO) January 14, 2022

    As of Jan. 18.

    Associated Press 175 years ago.

    The Associated Press is a non-profit news cooperative dedicated to support free journalism, which has earned a total of 54 Pulitzer Prizes, including 32 for photography 📸 Last week it announced it will be issuing a series of NFTs featuring photos by its by current and former photojournalists.

    The NFTs will be sold at AP’s brand new NFT marketplace built with the help of Xooa, a DApps building tool, starting from January, 31st.

    Prices will vary from one photo to another, but what’s reassuring is that one won’t have to pay exorbitant Ethereum fees: the launch will happen on Polygon, Ethereum’s layer-2, known for its low fees.

    Photojournalism has helped raise awareness about world’s most heartbreaking dramas and poignant injustices.

    Let it fly, people! Don’t let the old constraints of the fashion elite take over after all those months in cozy duds and the de-escalation of underwire.


    Will they be over before many people have figured out exactly what they are? Some naysayers predict so while fans fuel headlines and the little buggers sell for millions. Non-fungible tokens are digital art or just about anything else in digital form. They’re stored on blockchains (digital ledgers). NFTs are effectively digital certificates of authenticity, like the declaration in the physical world that your original van Gogh is one of a kind. The rest of us will be heading to the nondigital gift shop for the poster or fridge magnet as the world figures out the metaverse. On offer: The NFT of the Merriam-Webster definition of NFT, with net proceeds going to the global nonprofit Teach for All.


    It made Kim Kardashian West a pile of money to go with her other piles of money. Her Skims shapewear brand, which branched into loungewear during the pandemic, is valued at $1.6 billion, according to The New York Times. It comes in a range of styles, colors and sizes. Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon are among new investors in Spanx. But hasn’t life lived largely at home taught us to embrace our bulges, bumps and whatever else it is we’re trying to hide with shapewear? Can’t we all just march back into our old lives feeling good in our own skins? Let alone the idea there are some health risks to intensely compressing our organs for prolonged periods.

    Cyril Noterman, a longtime manager for Florian Picasso, and Kathryn Frazier, a publicist for the project, told The Associated Press that Sotheby’s would host an auction in March that will include a unique NFT as well as the actual ceramic bowl.

    But Matthew Floris, a spokesman for Sotheby’s, contacted the AP on Wednesday and said in a statement: “Sotheby’s has clarified that it will not be selling an NFT of a work by Pablo Picasso.”

    Noterman and Frazier said a first-phase, online sale of more than 1,000 other NFTs starts Friday through the Nifty Gateway and Origin Protocol platforms.

    Florian Picasso said they agreed on the colorful ceramic piece because it was “a fun one” to start.

    An NFT Picasso brings with it almost epochal symbolism, something like when the Beatles collection was finally put up on iTunes.

    Last week, the Associated Press (AP) was quick to retract its plans to release an NFT after Twitter users claimed the video profited from human suffering.

    The latest out-of-touch NFT release blunder comes via one of the most prestigious entities in journalism. Amid the news surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the AP announced its latest NFT drop: A five-second video of migrants in an overstuffed boat crossing the Mediterranean.

    The responses were abysmal: as a quantitative measure of how much Twitter disliked this release, the announcement was ratioed, with just 24 likes compared to over 300 quote retweets in time that it was up.

    Twitter users were quick to call out the AP’s seeming lack of forethought on this particular NFT release.

    NFT will not be for sale, others remain listed on the AP’s marketplace and have been announced to be sold soon. Rather than electing to mint and sell NFTs on one of the largest marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible, the AP has created its own.

    Built by Web 3 platform provider Xooa, the AP’s NFT marketplace was announced in January and has been releasing a steady stream of photography NFTs that “capture compelling scenes from around the world and mark some of the most memorable moments in history.” Each NFT comes with associated metadata like the time, location, equipment and technical settings for the photo, with most NFTs selling for a few hundred dollars each.

    According to the AP marketplace’s FAQ page, purchasing a photography NFT grants the holder rights to display their piece for personal use, but not to create derivative work or use the image to sell a product.

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