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    Best fintech courses online to start a career in finance and banking

    Fintech, a portmanteau of the words “finance” and “technology”, refers to the introduction of tech-based solutions in the financial service sector. Fintech is now a rapidly developing industry benefiting both businesses and consumers in multiple ways.

    Given the huge potential of this industry, finance and regulatory service professionals are keen on developing their tech-based skills to transform legacy and outdated mechanisms positively. Fortunately, there are several fintech courses and professional certificate programs that provide lucrative career paths but also solid education for entrepreneurs.

    Below we cover a list of the best fintech courses online that will put you on the fast track of learning about key fintech innovations and their applications in real life.

    Fintech Courses Online – Overview

    Fintech refers to the digital transformation taking place in the financial sector. In its earliest stages, fintech was limited to facilitating payments and transactions. With the revolutionary shift in mobile and internet technology, the application of fintech increased manifold.

    The field is now underpinned by many tech-based interventions facilitating both businesses and customers with highly optimized financial service deliverability. Some of these interventions include crowdfunding, mobile wallets, P2P lending, MPOS and MSME services, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

    Fintech & AI – Another massive transformation in the fintech industry came with the application of AI. There are, broadly speaking, three areas where AI has made a considerable impact. These are banking, investment, and AI-powered payments.

    Companies use AI’s ability to sift through an enormous amount of data to identify patterns and use these to make highly informed decisions. AI also facilitates companies to fight fraud, generate better payment conveniences, and improve service efficiency.

    Fintech & Blockchain – Similarly, Blockchain has revolutionized fintech with its ability to record data more efficiently. It is essentially a decentralized ledger that allows companies to record data in real-time and, therefore more cost-effectively.

    Given the far-reaching impact of fintech interventions, technology and finance companies are trying to quickly tap into its immense potential and replace legacy systems. Below we cover the best fintech courses online that will help you understand these shifts and innovations better and hopefully create lucrative career and business opportunities.

    Best Fintech Courses Online – Top Picks

    CourseraGetSmarteredXCFTE Fintech FoundationsFintech, HarvardCertificate in FintechFintech 360 from $59/month$2,800. Get prospect.from $597from $£480. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★☆★★★★☆ Visit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website

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    Whether you are a student about to break into the market or a finance professional looking to scale your business with tech-based innovations, learning the ropes of fintech offers many opportunities. Without further ado, here’s a list of the best fintech courses online.

    1. Fintech: Foundations & Applications of Financial Technology Specialization – Coursera

    This is a 4-course specialization authorized by the Wharton Institute (visit website). You will learn about the application and scope of fintech with the help of real-world use cases from “Wharton-led” companies. This program teaches learners how to make complex tech-based financial decisions and learn the building blocks of financial technologies.

    Upon completion, you will have mastered some essential concepts in fintech starting from cryptocurrency to complicated regulations and portfolio optimization. The first fintech courses focus on the foundational concepts, including payments and regulations.

    From here, you’ll move to the operationalization of digital currencies. The last two courses focus on more complex components of Fintech. You’ll learn about lending, crowdfunding, and modern investing; all of them are integral to the modern application of fintech.

    Finally, learners will dive into the application of AI by making use of case studies from the insurance and real estate industries. Although the course is offered at a reasonable price, there is also financial aid available.

    Provider: Wharton. University of Pennsylvania, CourseraPricing: Free trial. $59/month Coursera Plus. | Review: 4.6 ★★★★☆Info: View course. Browse: Search all fintech courses on Coursera.

    2. FinTech – Harvard University

    Harvard’s “Fintech” (visit website) is an intermediate-level course that lends succinct insight into the evolving nature of the finance industry. This is an instructor-led course that can be completed in approximately six weeks with 8-10 hours of dedicated study.

    Some of the core concepts included in the course are the impact of fintech in reshaping the banking industry, raising capital, and training data with AI and Machine Learning.

    Part of the course is additionally focused on demystifying crypto, the blockchain, and the future of fintech. You will have to explore real-world use cases and determine how this technology leads to transformations, disruptions, and adaptations.

    Coming out of the fintech course, you will have learned how to evaluate and analyze the impact of fintech, AI, and crypto in the various finance sectors.

    Subject: Fintech, Business | Duration: 6 weeks | Certificate: Yes.Level: Intermediate | Pace: Instructor-lead | Price: $2,800Discount: 15% off all courses. Code: GS-AF-LEARN15-2022Info: Visit course website. Get free prospectus. Browse all Fintech courses

    3. Financial Technology (Fintech) Innovations, University of Michigan, Coursera

    Financial Technology (Fintech) Innovations (visit website) by the University of Michigan is a four-course specialization that takes around 4 months to complete. This specialization takes students on an intensive journey of understanding core fintech concepts. You will begin with an introductory course on “The Future of Payment Technologies”.

    One of the key concepts to grasp here is the difference in the modes of operation between legacy payment systems and newer innovations.

    From here, you will move to the applications of fintech in blockchain and cryptocurrency. This course will teach you the various aspects of the blockchain, such as decentralization and consensus algorithms that can pose as viable business solutions.

    The final two online fintech courses focus on crypto-based capital raising models and the innovation of AI in investment technology. By the end, you will have learned how to differentiate between various smart technologies and their applications in finance.

    Provider: University of Michigan, CourseraPricing: Free trial. Coursera Plus for $39/month. | Review: 4.7 ★★★★★Info: View course. Browse: Search all fintech courses on Coursera.

    4. Rotman FinTech: Future of Payments – University of Toronto

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    Authorized by the Rotman School of Management (visit website), this 6-week fintech course acquaints students with the basic Fintech landscape along with an in-depth understanding of the past, paper, and future of payments.

    Business professionals responsible for decision-making within the payment ecosystem can benefit massively from this program that provides students with a detailed understanding of the Fintech innovations and applications. Individuals from finance, banking, and related sectors of finance management can enroll in this online fintech course.

    You will begin with an introductory course on the evolution of payments. Next, you will dive deeper to learn about SWIFT, scandals, and payment laws before moving to customer needs and PayTech innovation. The remaining modules deal with the innovations from the perspective of infrastructure, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance.

    The last class outlines the future of Fintech, particularly the open financial infrastructures. By the end, individuals will have a sound idea of how to help their institutions thrive in the changing financial landscape. This is one of the best fintech courses online for academic certification and a digital payment career path.

    Subject: Fintech, Payments | Duration: 6 weeks | Certificate: Yes.Level: Intermediate | Pace: Instructor-lead | Price: $2,025Discount: 15% off all courses. Code: GS-AF-LEARN15-2022Info: Visit course website. Get free prospectus. Browse all fintech courses

    5. Professional Certificate in FinTech – University of Hong Kong, edX

    The University of Hong Kong (visit website) has authorized the Professional Certificate in Fintech, a self-paced program for tech and finance enthusiasts. It is a complete beginner-level program comprising three online fintech courses that are accessible for learners especially interested in how Fintech is helping the evolution of the blockchain.

    Beginning with an introductory course on the advent of fintech, you will move towards the ethics and risks involved in the industry. The last course is based on the relationship between Fintech and the Blockchain.

    Once completed, you will have learned the basics, applications, and limitations of fintech in the Blockchain industry. This fintech course will roughly take around five months for completion with around 2-4 hours of dedicated study per week.

    Provider: University of Hong Kong. HKUx, edX | Type: Professional CertificateDuration: 5 months. 2-4 hours/week | Pricing: $597Info: View course page. Browse: Search all Fintech certifications on edX.

    6. Fintech: Disruption in Finance – University of Cape Town

    This 8-week fintech course (visit website) is designed to equip learners with the ability to understand the most important Fintech innovations in the world of today. Students will also learn how to fund their own disruptive business ideas here.

    Financial professionals and graduates looking for an opportunity to unlock new careers in Fintech can benefit from this fintech course. As part of this program, learners will embrace newer innovations to remain relevant in the ever-evolving industry of finance.

    This course is designed to help learners take their business ideas to the next level with more informed strategic decisions involving solutions grounded in blockchain, AI, and big data. The course modules will help students identify, understand and respond to key disruptions and opportunities within the financial industry.

    Learners will not only get a holistic view of the main fields undergoing technological disruptions in the fintech industry but also develop the ability to identify problems and apply solutions within the emerging markets. It is among the best fintech courses online, focusing on the business side of digital finance.

    Subject: Fintech, Business | Time: 8 weeks | Certificate: Yes.Level: Beginner, Intermediates | Pace: Instructor-lead | Price: $871Discount: 15% off all courses. Code: GS-AF-LEARN15-2022Info: Visit course website. Get free prospectus. Browse all fintech courses

    7. Fintech 360 – From AI to Digital Assets – CFTE

    CFTE’s Fintech 360 (visit website) is aimed at aspiring finance professionals and industry agents who want to solidify their understanding of the evolving fintech landscape. It is a beginner-friendly career path focusing on the foundations of fintech, AI in Finance, Regtech, Payments, and Open Banking and takes about 6 weeks to complete.

    In this popular fintech course, you will explore and study the latest transformations and finance innovations. Your learning journey will begin with a detailed module on Fintech, exploring both the rise of Fintech as well as the key players behind the innovations.

    In the next course, key concepts related to AI’s application in the finance industry will unfold. This will be followed by an in-depth dive into the related concepts in open banking, including technologies, business models, regulations and standards, etc.

    The fourth module discusses the innovations and changing payments landscape, followed by an exploration of RegTech fundamentals. Learners will end their Fintech journey with an overview of the digital assets. Key topics here include DeFi, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. This is one of the best fintech courses online for finance professionals.

    Provider: CFTE – Centre for Finance, Technology and EntrepreneurshipLevel: Beginner-friendly | Duration: 6 weeks | Fintech Courses: 6 modulesInfo: View course. $780 or £600. Installments available.

    8. Payments in Digital Finance Specialization – CFTE

    CFTE’s Digital Finance Specialization (visit website) offers learners a 360° view of the payments landscape and the latest fintech innovations. This fintech course is a collaboration between CFTE and the Budapest Institute of Banking. It helps financial professionals in transforming legacy finance systems using best practices in fintech.

    One of the major ways this transformation is happening is through cashless transactions and the advent of digital currencies. This course is designed to help you understand the nature of this very transformation and enable you to apply this in real-world scenarios.

    Upon enrolling, you will be met with an overview of the economic and social importance of the various payment systems, the fundamentals in payment stacks, and newer innovations. Learners will then move on to payment strategies in the new business models, the global regulatory landscape, and the rationale for a digital transformation.

    Students will also be able to identify the difference between traditional and new payment methods, locate the key players in the payments ecosystem, and explain new payment and business models or fintech strategies. Ready to disrupt payments? This is among the best fintech courses online to explore career prospects in the digital payment industry.

    Provider: CFTE – Centre for Finance, Technology and EntrepreneurshipLevel: Beginner-friendly | Duration: 30 hours | Fintech Courses: 6 modulesInfo: View course. $940 or £720. Installments available.

    9. FinTech for Finance and Business Leaders, ACCA, edX

    Edx’s second course (visit website) on the list aims to help businesses transform legacy and outdated finance models with the innovations of fintech. “Fintech for Finance Leaders” is a 3-month, self-paced course requiring a dedicated study span of 3-5 hours a week.

    Upon enrolling, you will encounter three integral concepts in the application of fintech:

    1. Machine learning with Python for finance professionals
    2. Managing cyber threat
    3. Intelligent automation in finance

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    In the first course, professionals will learn practical Python skills and capitalize on the innovation that digital solutions offer. From here, you will move towards examining scenarios where you learn how to mitigate cyber-attack through best practices.

    Finally, the last fintech courses will help explain how automation can lead finical leaders to identify, apply and configure robust solutions for the benefit of their organization.

    Provider: ACCA Think Ahead. edX | Type: Professional CertificateDuration: 3 months. 3-5 hours/week | Pricing: $597 with certificateInfo: View course page. Browse: Search all Fintech courses on edX.

    10. What is Fintech? Learn the Skills of FinTech – Udemy

    Udemy’s fintech course (visit websites) is designed for beginners with no prerequisites needed. Everything that a learner must know would be covered within the course. There are three distinct chapters. In Definition of Fintech, learners will gain a broad overview of Fintech, its applications, technologies, and role in new kinds of finance.

    Chapter 2 deals with the reasons for the meteoric rise of Fintech and its history and the last section addresses the framework that is currently built around this tech solution. By the end of the course, students will have a precise idea about the advantages of Fintech, its scope and role in the finance industry, and its transformative potential.

    This is one of the best fintech courses online for those who want to gain a broad understanding of fintech, its use cases and then decide how to proceed further.

    Provider: CFTE, Udemy | Level: All levelsLectures: 17 | Video: 1 hour | User Rating: 4.4 ★★★★☆Price: View course. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse category on Udemy.

    11. Data, Cloud, APIs, AI & Blockchain: Technologies of Fintech – Udemy

    Co-Founder of the Super Charger Ventures, Alessandro Di Lullo, instructs learners on the emerging technologies in the financial service sectors. With no prior experience, individuals can enroll in this fintech course (visit website) to learn about some of the key components of the new technologies in place.

    Students will also get a chance to explore the driving forces behind the tech innovations in the finance landscape and the various ways startups and financial institutions adapt to this change. Learners will also touch upon related topics, including the role of data science, cloud services, AI, and blockchain in finance.

    If your career prospects and interests combine well with IT, software development and cryptocurrencies, this could be one of the best fintech courses online to be shortlisted.

    Provider: CFTE, Udemy | Level: All levelsLectures: 17 | Video: 1.5 hours | User Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆Price: View course. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse category on Udemy.

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    12. Innovations in Fintech – FutureLearn

    FutureLearn offers tech-enthusiasts an introductory level course that spans over 16 weeks. In this certificate-based fintech course, you will learn how fintech is revolutionizing the future with crypto-currency and payment technologies.

    There’s also a special focus on blockchain technology and you will learn about the various concepts underpinning the blockchain. The focus will then shift towards the challenges of disruptive capital-raising technology in finance. Here, you will learn about the evolving concepts of crowdfunding, disruptive technology in credit scoring, and tokenization.

    Smart Investing with AI will be the final focal point in this set of fintech courses online. This is where you will learn about how AI is transforming wealth management with its data-driven strategies. You will be able to tell legacy systems from fintech-inspired innovations, examine the application of blockchain technology and implement smart investing.

    Fintech Courses: 4 | Duration: 16 weeks | Certificate: Yes.Level: Introductory | Price: $39/month. Free trial.

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    13. Fintech – Wharton University

    Wharton is offering a specialization in the foundations and applications of fintech in the finance sector. This specialization focuses on tech-based investment strategies in modern finance. Learners will also study other integral concepts in Fintech such as Robo-advising, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, crypto, blockchain, and others.

    This course is designed to help position students at the forefront of all transformational innovation in finance. There’s a total of four fintech courses comprising the specialization.

    The first course gives learners an overview of fintech and essential concepts but primarily payments and regulations. You’ll move on to an introduction to digital currencies. The second course focuses on crypto, blockchain, and prospective markets.

    In the third course, the focus shifts to crowdfunding, lending, and modern investing, while the final course explains the subtleties in applying AI in Insurtech. All-in-all it’s a comprehensive program created around the applications and nature of fintech with real-world case scenarios.

    Fintech Courses: 4 | Duration: 4-6 weeks/course | Certificate: Yes.Level: All | Price: $79/month

    14. AI in FinTech – FINTECH SCHOOL

    AI in Fintech is among the best fintech courses online designed for beginners to explore the role of Data Science, AI, and Machine learning in the future of finance.

    Upon enrolling, you’ll find the course split over a few integral concepts. These include the basics in Data Science and AI, the legacy of Machine Learning and AI in Fintech, and the future trends in the finance sector.

    You will also closely scrutinize various AI and ML-based financial service use cases, primarily in the B2B and B2C sectors. Coming out of the course, learners will have grasped a sufficient understanding of the evolution and transformation of the finance sector, thanks to the incredible potential of fintech.

    The School is also offering related fintech courses online that learners can avail themselves of at reasonable prices.

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    Fintech Courses: 10 modules | Duration: self-paced | Certificate: Yes.Level: Beginner | Price: Self-paced $99. 6-months certificate program $18/month.

    15. Fintech Innovation: Disrupting the Financial Landscape – Cambridge, Emeritus

    Designed by the University of Cambridge, Fintech Innovation is an insightful beginner-level course that explores the current-day transformation of the financial landscape. It is a six-week online program that you can complete with 4-5 hours of dedicated study/week.

    Fintech Innovation is designed to lend students a strategic view of fintech. You will learn how the important tech phenomena such as AI, blockchain, and data science address today’s problems with large-scale information.

    The curriculum is split into six different modules. Learners will begin their fintech journey to understand the shift in information access. From here, you will move on to the use of AI in making sense of Big Data and the future uses of blockchain.

    The final modules cater to the challenges in the fintech industry. You will learn to analyze the governance and privacy concerns with Big Data and formulate tech-based solutions. This is among the best fintech courses online for beginners that come with university certification and thus enjoy high recognition within the industry.

    Fintech Courses: 6 modules | Duration: 6 weeks. 4-6 hours/weekCertificate: Yes. | Level: Beginner | Price: $2,000

    16. Fintech: Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services – NUS Business School

    The National University of Singapore has curated a 2-month online course on the innovative and transformative potential of fintech. Enrolling in this course will put you abreast of the emerging trends in fintech, such as alternative lending and payments.

    There are a total of eight fintech courses online. These modules will take you from an overview of fintech to various fintech innovations, including cryptocurrencies and enterprise blockchain. This course will also focus on ML and AI strategies, regulations, and opportunities in Fintech.

    Learners will also explore the application of the various innovations in the financial sector with the help of case studies and examine the risks and challenges involved. By the end, you will have developed an understanding of the key considerations in fintech. Students will be required to design business solutions using different fintech applications.

    Fintech Courses: 3 | Duration: 2 months. 4-6 hours/week | Certificate: Yes.Level: Beginners, Intermediates | Price: $1,600

    17. Fintech – Cornell Certification Program

    The final class on our list of the best fintech courses online is a 2-month instructor-led program conducted live online with a class size of not more than 35 students.

    Some of the major concepts that the program will cover include the identification of key disruptions in the fintech landscape, opportunities for disruption within the sphere, and understanding the function of blockchain. You will also be using a Bitcoin wallet for a more comprehensive understanding of the mechanics behind cryptocurrencies.

    Cornell offers this class for learners at various points in their scholastic or professional careers. From finance professionals, bankers, and consultants, to software companies, regulatory professionals, and entrepreneurs, anyone can benefit from this course. It is a beginner-level course to understand fintech trends and cryptography essentials.

    Fintech Courses: 4 | Duration: 2-3 months. 3-5 hrs/week | Certificate: Yes.Level: Beginners, Intermediates | Style: Instructor-led | Price: $2,520 or $950/month.

    How to Choose the Best Fintech Courses Online

    Fintech is a rapidly evolving industry with emerging applications and use cases. You must keep abreast of these trends to successfully transform outdated financial service mechanisms for the better.

    One way to remain at the forefront of this growing trend is by choosing one of the mentioned fintech courses online or an assistive program to supplement your knowledge.

    The right fintech courses will largely depend on your aspirations, needs, and learning goals. For example, if your company specializes in offering blockchain-based solutions, your chosen course must deal with the same.

    When choosing the best fintech courses online, ask yourself the following questions;

    • Does the online fintech course align with your professional or scholastic needs?
    • Does the class offer practical, actionable tips and use cases to solve real-world problems?
    • Will it matter to you if the course is self-paced or instructor-led? Asking this is important if you are strapped for time and wish to work on your goals at your pace.

    Finally, ask yourself whether your financial situation aligns with the expenses you will incur over the online fintech courses that you opt for.

    As you answer the above-stated questions and perform rigorous comparative research, you should be able to land the course that best fits your particular needs!

    Best Fintech Courses Online 2022 – Review Summary

    Wrapping up our tour of the best fintech courses online. Fintech is the growing rage in the financial service sector and the earlier you get on this track the better it will be for you career-wise. Enrolling yourself in a comprehensive course is one way to achieve this goal.

    There is no one-size-fits-all formula to assess which online program may be the best fit for aspiring finance professionals. The verdict will rest on several key considerations such as your individual needs, prior familiarity with fintech, and financial targets.

    Once through with these considerations, you should be able to settle on a number of online fintech courses that are just right for you!

    Other Fintech Courses Online

    • Oxford Fintech Programme – Oxford Fintech Certificate
    • FinTech: Finance Industry Transformation and Regulation – Coursera
    • Fintech Foundation Specialization – CFTE
    • Digital Transformation in Financial Services – Copenhagen Business School
    • Fintech Startups in Emerging Markets – University of Cape Town
    • Open Banking and Platforms – CFTE
    • Berkeley Fintech Course: Frameworks, Apoplications, and Strategies
    • Fintech Courses – AI in Finance – CFTE

    Something missing? While this is a growing list of the best fintech courses online, we don’t aim to cover all resources available. Please submit or suggest further online fintech classes that should be covered here.

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